Why BT dumped Yahoo Mail

WASHINGTON: A British telecom company has ditched the third-largest email provider, Yahoo Mail, as its default email service, keeping in view the service’s vulnerability to getting hacked.

The State of Security

A few years back, I knew a guy who had a mole on his forehead, which started to grow and change shape. As a survivor of melanoma, I know this is not a good thing.

Asian culture stifles good security practices

SINGAPORE–Elements of Asian culture, such as the region’s fear of failure, tendency to follow checklists when it comes to IT security and prioritizing low cost over quality are some hurdles organizations in the region must overcome to improve their security posture.

A Shortage of Privacy Engineers

As organizations develop new products, services, infrastructures, and business processes that facilitate the collection and management of an ever-wider range of customer data, they’re discovering that privacy issues must be addressed from the very beginning of the design process.

Ex-hacker warns over ‘social engineering’ threat

Dubai: Hackers today don’t even need to gain access to a target’s computer and could use “social engineering” on the target when it comes to disclosing information, Kevin Mitnick, the hacker-turned international cyber security consultant and the keynote speaker at the inaugural Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (Gisec) Conference taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre, said.