Latest Wrinkle in Data Security: Time Cloaking

Those perturbed about this week’s news that government spies may be perusing all sorts of personal communications might be particularly enthusiastic about the work of Purdue researchers in developing a time cloak to hide data.

Danish Police Admit That Data Retention Hasn’t Helped At All

There’s been a big push around the globe to ramp up data retention rules, which require various online services to keep all sorts of data on their users for a long time, just in case it’s possible that law enforcement officials might need that data at some later date.

5 approaches to securing your company’s mobile data

The simultaneous explosion of enterprise mobility and cloud adoption has resulted in a “perfect storm” for IT. It’s the “everywhere data” side effect created by bring your own device (BYOD) programs — data is now coming from anywhere and everywhere, making it hard for IT departments to keep up.