Endpoint Devices & The Battle For Data Security

The daily process of treating patients has been compared more than once to a military operation—and with good reason. After all, everything of real importance takes place on the front lines, at the point of patient contact. All else is purely support.

Cyber crime ‘is a national crisis’

Cyber criminals were threatening the national and financial security, according to a top IT expert who has warned that companies and government departments risk losing billions of rand to hackers.

Data mining puts cloud security back on agenda

Concerns about security in the cloud are flaring anew after recent revelations about government data-mining, likely spurring new technology to protect corporate and consumer information, according to a panel of cloud experts.

Job opportunities abound for data security experts

Data security offers a myriad of opportunities. A company does not need to be a giant to be an industry leader. Good technology and solid experts in the field are always in demand. The Finnish companies Codenomicon and Silverskin are leading the way.

How to protect your PC from Prism surveillance

Thursday afternoon, a bombshell dropped: Two leading reports claimed that the U.S. government has been spying on emails, searches, Skype calls, and other electronic communications used by Americans for the last several years, via a program known as Prism.

Use File Sync Services with Caution

File synchronisation services like Dropbox, Skydrive, iCloud and Ubuntu One are being increasingly used in organisations. The services themselves provide convenience and are often more secure than alternatives like email and FTP.