Cloud Based Security: Is it Right for your Company?

With all the stories currently making the rounds about NSA Hacking, the PRISM program, GCHQ setting up web cafes, Phine chargers that hack your phones and even Manchester City gettign hacked, you’d be forgiven for being a little sceptical as to why your comapny should move to the cloud.

Stronger laws urged to protect personal information

Tougher measures to ensure the security of personal information are needed, legal experts said, after police detained four people accused of illegally purchasing students’ family details and defrauding money from their parents.

[Video] Bruce Schneier on power and security

In this video, Bruce Schneier talks about trust. We all trust millions of people, organizations, and systems every day — and we do it so easily that we barely notice. But in any system of trust, there is an alternative, parasitic, strategy that involves abusing that trust.

DOD Readies Elements Crucial to Cyber Operations

Hard work by the administration, the services and the leadership at U.S. Cyber Command is putting in place elements crucial to defending U.S. and allied interests in cyberspace, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy said in a recent interview.