SMBs Should Game Incident Response To Win

Small and medium businesses rarely call up security consultants asking for help in improving their incident-response program; instead, when the companies do call, they are usually panicked, in the midst of a real security incident.

Putin suggests Snowden may stop leaking documents

Edward Snowden, the leaker of U.S. National Security Agency surveillance activities, may have changed his position about disclosing more information in the future, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday, according to news reports.

‘Lack of cyber security a worry’

As the global netizen population has crossed two billion, cyber security experts are worried over the lack of security mechanisms online and fear that the next generation of threats could emerge out of cyberspace.

Data breach law a jobs killer

No one disputes that data privacy breaches pose a serious threat to cyber safety – least of all businesses who are often the victims. But is more government red tape in the form of mandatory data breach reporting really the fix?

$3000 cyber security course for free

IT Masters and Charles Sturt University are offering, free, a six week online course designed to prepare students for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Security Certification that is comparable to other online courses that can cost up to $3800.