(ISC)2 Whitepaper Collection

Thanks to the lovely people at (ISC)2, Information Security Buzz is pleased to bring you this treasure trove of resources, including whitepapers and infographics.

Fraud Alert: Phishing

Phishing knows no limits, with attacks having increased by 37%. Read your Fraud Alert, to get highlights on the current growth and trends in today’s phishing schemes.

Firefox addon warns you of NSA PRISM surveillance

Dark Side Of The Prism is a Firefox addon that will show a dark PRISM logo on your screen every time you visit a website that is known to allow gathering of user’s data to the US National Security Agency.

Hackers target Skrillex website

BASS ORCHESTRATOR Skrillex is offering his fans just a blank website thanks to a hacker group called Eboz that took it down for him.