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Fraud has become an industry, with cybercriminals seeking profits through innovation, automation, commoditization and specialization. How do you respond to this criminal industry to ensure trust in IT?

Cyber crime costs firms 2.7% of turnover

Digital crime costs Irish organisations an average of 2.7 per cent of their turnover for the year, with a single incident costing an estimated €135,000, a new survey has claimed.

NSA Pays GCHQ for Electronic Spying Services

GCHQ has always been the prime overseas partner for the NSA – and it has long been suspected that each partner within the Five Eyes relies on the others to circumvent its own domestic laws. This is denied, but…

Not even Congress knows how the NSA works

While the president and the intelligence community cling to “Congressional oversight” as a justficiation for the pervasive intelligence-gathering programs in place within the US