INFOGRAPHIC: The Future of Information Security

In 2012 we saw significant data breaches across multiple industries and governments impacting millions of users. This year seems to be bring more of the same. Is this an uncertain future we will have to live with?

How Hacktivists Have Targeted Major Media Outlets

Global conflicts have increasingly led tech-savvy protesters and loyalists to express their views online by hacking, and while many groups have focused on attempting to damage or deface government websites

Riot Games Hacked

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Gaming Companies, and especially those who provide a cloud service for either online play or account management are a great and very compelling target for attackers.

How to Build a Website Security Program

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The key to improving a web security program is having a comprehensive metrics program in place – a system capable of performing ongoing measurement of the security posture of production systems, exactly where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Analysis of Poison Ivy remote access tool

A new FireEye report highlights the resurgence of Poison Ivy, a malware Remote Access Tool (RAT) that has remained popular and effective eight years after its original release – attacking dozens of Fortune 1000 firms.