Going Freelance

Thinking of going freelance but not sure if it’s for you? Here are a few things that I think are worth considering before you take the plunge.

Who Wrote the Pincer Android Trojan?

Stories in this blog’s Breadcrumbs series have sought to comb through clues that point to the possible location and identities of malware authors and purveyors.

Cyber Crime Hits More than 9 million UK Web Users

More than 9 million adults in Britain have had online accounts hacked and 8% of the population say they have lost money in the past year because of cybercrime, according to a survey by university researchers.

Can we trust voting online?

Thankfully, the New Zealand government appears not to be pressing ahead with online voting — at least, for now.

City of Joburg opens hacking case

The City of Johannesburg has brought a criminal case against the person who hacked into its billing system last week, it said on Monday.