A Year Of Phishing & Fraud

There were 35,831 phishing attacks launched around the world in June, according to the RSAs latest report. The phishing trend seems positive

Larry Ellison: Google is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, but NSA is ESSENTIAL

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has nothing but praise for the US National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs, but he’s far less kind when it comes to Google – and in particular its CEO, Larry Page, whose behavior he describes as “evil.”

Got malware?

94.7 percent of Americans received at least one email containing a virus, spyware, or malware, according to Halon. About one in eleven (8.8%) opened the attachment and infected their computer.

Trade Secrets Leaked for Two Years without Audit

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Today, an article on TheRegister caught my eye. It was also reported on Bloomberg. Two ex-employees of a Wall Street trading company – Flow Traders – are facing criminal charges for leaking trading evaluation algorithms from their previous employer.

Mobility on Hold

Mobile banking continues to gain momentum, growing faster than any other delivery channel to date. Many Financial institutions contemplate expanding capabilities in the mobile channel

Shielding Targeted Applications

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When we discuss exploit prevention, we often talk about ‘targeted applications.’ This term refers to end-user applications which can be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes. There are a few requirements that define these applications.