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In their book, “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” authors Chip and Dan Heath examine how influencing humans to change requires appealing to two parts of the brain: the rational and the emotional.

The Russians Have Come… Skolkovo Startups Hit TechCrunch Disrupt

Russia is a booming market for startups as the county’s Internet access and 4G networks ramp up. It’s now the biggest single market in Europe, passing Germany a year ago. At the same time the government realises it needs to ween the economy off its historical addiction to oil, gas and heavy industry. Thus it’s helped set up the Skolkovo Foundation to incubate tech companies. Skolkolvo brought a selection of its startups to Disrupt, so we went trawling the booths for a few Russian gems. Here’s what we found.

“Choister is a service that helps search, analyze and compare all available educational programs.
Whether you are looking for a degree or a certificate, online or offline, full-time or part-time — Choister will make it easier for you. Choister finds all the educational programs, structures the data, helps users make smart choices, and then sends the motivated students to the schools’ websites.”

NSA Documents Show Spy Agency Violated Privacy Rules

US intelligence officials declassified documents Tuesday revealing the National Security Agency violated privacy rules for three years when it sifted phone records of Americans with no suspected links to terrorists.

‘Yahoo Boys’ Have 419 Facebook Friends

Earlier this week, I wrote about an online data theft service that got hacked. That compromise exposed a user base of mostly young Nigerian men apparently engaged in an array of cybercrime activities

On the NSA

Let me tell you the story of my tiny brush with the biggest crypto story of the year.