‘USB condom’ prevents device hijackings at rogue ports

Worried about plugging your device into an unfamiliar port and exposing it to horrible viruses or trojans? Simply put this “USB condom” between the male and female ends before docking and the only thing transmitted will be safe, clean electricity.

Ontario Liberals to train staff in archiving documents

Under fire for illegally deleted emails in the $585-million scandal over cancelled power plants, Ontario’s minority Liberal government is touting a new training program teaching political staff how to archive documents.

Is NASA’s Data Lost in Space?

NASA’s own auditor has recently rated its cloud computing deployments very poorly in a report that raises some interesting questions on the use of the cloud at the space agency.

The Changing role of the CIO

Change is something that happens constantly in the Infosec industry, so how has the role of the CIO evolved with all these changes?

The security challenges of BYOD

As businesses embrace BYOD, network engineers have to face up to the security implications of random, roving personal devices connecting to the corporate WLAN and accessing networked applications and data.