What’s better than creating your own DDoS? Renting one

Interested in denying someone access to the Internet? Ten dollars provides a very nice DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) platform, featuring one 60-second long attack that can be used as often as needed for an entire month.

Netfix plumbs pirate sites before buying TV shows

Netflix raised some eyebrows over the weekend when it revealed that it monitors pirate sites to see which TV series it should be adding to its streaming lineup, but the strategy makes perfect sense to some media observers.

NSA Fallout: Encrypt Everything, Enterprises Advised

The National Security Agency — and by extension, some foreign intelligence agencies and perhaps even criminal syndicates — can silently intercept encrypted communications and access off-the-shelf products that were thought to be secure.

Checking Credit Card Numbers with PowerShell

During penetration testing you need to verify that there are no credit card numbers or card verification code (CVV) are stored in databases, file systems or transmitted in network traffic.