How do you make security awareness engaging?


Think back to all of the corporate training you’ve sat through during your career. Chances are (especially if you’ve worked at a large enterprise), that some of that training had little relevance to your job duties.

What’s Apple’s iOS 7 means for MAM and MDM

Apple’s newly revealed iOS 7 is making big waves in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) industry and has the potential to make a major impact in the fields of OS and application management.

Dropbox joins bid to publish spy data requests

Cloud storage locker Dropbox has joined Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook in their quest for permission to publish the number of data requests they have received from the U.S. government, and the number of users affected by those requests.

Introducing Kvasir

Cisco’s Advanced Services has been performing penetration tests for our customers since the acquisition of the Wheel Group in 1998. We call them Security Posture Assessments