MOD cybersecurity plans do not scale

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The Ministry of Defence revealed it is set to recruit hundreds of reservists as computer experts to work alongside regular forces in the creation of the new Joint Cyber Reserve Unit

Cloud Customers Are Not Getting What They Pay For, Study Says

Cloud customers expect a certain level of service when they sign on to agreements. But a lot of the time, cloud services aren’t delivered as expected, and there isn’t even a way to verify that cloud services are performing as they should.

IT fraud expert warns wealthy investors

A computer fraud investigator has identified wealthy individuals as the target of a new online scam, which may use details of the mark’s family history to convince them an investment opportunity is genuine.

IBM to pay $44K fine over online job listings

IBM will pay a $44,000 fine to settle a case alleging it violated anti-discrimination law by placing online job listings seeking software developers with specific visas, the U.S. Department of Justice said Friday.