Video: Recent advances in IPv6 security

There are a number of factors that make the IPv6 protocol suite interesting from a security standpoint. Firstly, being a new technology, technical personnel has much less confidence with the IPv6 protocols than with their IPv4 counterpart

Report: NSA has little success cracking Tor

The U.S. National Security Agency has repeatedly tried to compromise Tor, the government-funded online anonymity tool, but has had little success, according to a new report in the U.K.’s Guardian.

Does your phone need a phone of its own?

Phablets are fabulous. But they’re awfully large objects to be constantly pulling out of purses, backpacks and pockets. As we embrace giant smartphones for their big, beautiful screens

Rose Tinted Security: Beware Users

We all had a lot of fun making the trilogy of “Meet John Powers” videos earlier this summer, as did the cast and crew from Twist & Shout who produced the series.