The Last Rites of Traditional IT Security

IT Security

Anti-Virus (AV) software, along with its Firewall side-kick, has been the standard weapon against Internet borne threat for the past two decades. But in a changing threat landscape AV is fast beginning to look past its sell-by date.

Overcoming Data Residency Issues

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Dave Anderson, Senior Director, Voltage Security, explains how organisations can overcome a common barrier to cloud computing adoption

KPMG buys 3,500 BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Consulting firm KPMG has bought 3,500 new BlackBerry 10 (BB10) smartphones for use by staff in its Milan office, despite ongoing questions over the Canadian firm’s long-term future.

Apple’s iCloud protocols cracked and analyzed

Smartphones carry a lot of sensitive data that in theory should be accessible only to their owners. In practice, a lot of it can be exfiltrated from the devices and from the backups either stored on the device or in the cloud

Overusing the Term Hacking Impacts Security Awareness

I’ve heard the term hacking used for non technical things a few too many times lately. It makes me wonder if perhaps its overuse is making the average person not care about security because they believe it’s a purely technical issue