ICICI Bank launches Facebook app to tap mobile banking

The joint ICICI Bank and Facebook app is known as Pockets and its focal feature is known as “Split n Share”. As the name suggest, a customer can split and track group expenses, along with sharing them friends, reports bankingtech.com.

PHP.net compromised to serve malware

On Thursday, Google’s Safe Browsing service began warning visitors to php.net that the website was discovered serving malware. Initially, most people and PHP maintainers thought that it was a false positive

Whitepaper: Big data and the future of security

Today’s information security teams increasingly rely on security systems with big data capabilities. In order to seek out and detect today’s complex advanced persistent threats you need to monitor network

Young employees don’t care about corporate policies

There’s a growing appetite of Generation Y employees to contravene corporate policies governing use of own devices, personal cloud storage accounts and new technologies such as smart watches, Google Glass and connected cars.

Irish High Court to review Facebook Prism complaint

The Irish High Court is going to review whether the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s refusal to investigate Facebook’s involvement with the U.S. government surveillance program Prism was lawful.