Experts Comment on Cyberattacks Targeting Fund Trading Algorithms

trading algorithm

Reports are emerging that cyber criminals are attacking and stealing in-house trading algorithms/code. According to the Financial Times, security company Kroll has observed three recent cases, said Ernest Hilbert, head of cyber investigations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Is Your Favourite Website Spying On You?

website tracking

Do you think that your favourite website spying on you? Every time we browse the web we leave behind a digital trail of choices, likes and locations. Tracking this footprint has become a pervasive, lucrative and controversial business. Our infographic analyses how websites track us and offers practical advice to follow.

Security Threats to Software Defined Network (SDN)

sdn and security threats

In Software Defined Network (SDN) architecture, the control plane is separated from the data plane and implemented in a software application. In this blog, we will briefly analyze the security threats to SDN because of this decoupling. The controller is the most vital component in SDN architecture mainly because it defines the data flows that occur […]