Managing the Cyber risk to the global shipping industry Part I

overseas shipping

The global shipping industry is the enabler of globalization itself. Without it, it would not have been possible for you to read this post (the smartphone or tablet you are reading this on was likely made in China and shipped to your location onboard a container ship), eat Sushi for lunch (frozen Salmon shipped from […]

Ransomware – No Sign of Relief, Especially for Australians

Ransom Malware

Websense® Security Labs™ researchers observed that ransomware was a plague in 2014 and this threat type shows no sign of relief in 2015.  In this blog we profile the user experience for a Torrentlocker variant focusing on the Australian region.

Mobile Productivity and Security with Soonr Go

sonar application

As we work more frequently on the road, our mobile devices are fast becoming the first tool we turn to. Not just to check email, but to access files, make document changes or share important content with others.  So when we work while mobile, it’s important to think about how to not only maintain productivity […]