Detecting and Investigating SQL Injection Attacks

Detecting and investigating SQL injection

SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks have been around for over a decade. You might wonder why they are still so prevalent. The main reason is that they still work on quite a few web application targets. In fact, according to Veracode’s 2014 State of Security Software Report , SQL injection vulnerabilities still plague 32% of all […]

Counter Attacks in Cyber Space

When nation states and organisations become victims of a cyber attack, should they be allowed to defend themselves and launch a counter attack? If so, what are the technical and legal issues that they should watch out for? Cyber security plays an integral role in nation-states and large organisations as they are constantly under attack […]

Launching a Key and Secret Manager to Improve and Simplify Modern Enterprise Security

Vault Takes a Novel Approach to Key and Secret Management by Dynamically Rotating Access Credentials HashiCorp, a leader in the DevOps marketplace, today released Vault, a unified solution for secure key and secret management complete with in-transit encryption, key rolling, key revocation, and detailed audit logs. This is HashiCorp’s sixth open source project along with […]

Deutsche Bank Fined £1.7bn over Libor Failings

Libor failings

Phil Beckett, partner at Proven Legal Technologies – the corporate forensic investigation and e-disclosure experts, comments on the latest news that Deutsche bank has been fined £1.7bn over Libor failings: “This is an example of serious employee malpractice that could have been captured by a more thorough analysis of communications in a proactive context.  Intelligent […]

Licenses Content Protection Technology to Protect its State-of-the-Art Automotive Media Center

Parrot Automotive Media Center is being adapted to fit into the vehicles of major vehicle manufacturer to bring “content” anywhere, anytime INSIDE Secure (Euronext Paris: INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announce that Parrot, a major innovator who designs, develops and markets consumer products for smartphones and tablets as […]

NSA Surveillance Since Snowden Revelations is Strong as Ever, According to RSA Attendees

NSA Surveillance Since Snowden Revelations Is Strong As Ever, According To RSA Attendees

94% of Survey Respondents Believe NSA Surveillance of U.S. Citizens Has Either Remained at the Same Level or Increased in the Past Two Years Thycotic did a field survey of 200 RSA attendees about their thoughts on NSA surveillance since the Edward Snowden affair, Obama’s newly formed Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center and the strength of […]

The Human Factor of Targeted Attacks Report

Human Factor of Targeted Attacks

Proofpoint has released the second installment of its Human Factor Report. The report gives in-depth insight into how hackers exploit the “human factor” in targeted attacks, as well as details on the percentage of malicious links in emails that actually get clicked on, the industries and job roles that are most heavily targeted with phishing, what types of […]

Why Partnerships for Cloud Data Security Matter

Protegrity announce a partnership with Xactly, a provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, giving companies needing higher levels of security assurance and protection the ability to store data securely in the cloud without having to forego any of the features provided by Xactly’s Incent solution. This is done through Protegrity’s Cloud Gateway, which protects the data before […]

Five ways to maximise your presence at InfoSec 2015

Presence at InfoSec 2015

As the security industry starts to look forward to InfoSec in June, Jargon PR MD Simon Corbett explains how companies can make the most of the three day conference. Every year at InfoSec businesses in the security industry each invest thousands of pounds on impressive stands and product demos. For some, the deals done at […]

How Attackers Exploit People to Circumvent Cyber-security

Exploit People to Circumvent Cyber-security

Second annual Human Factor Report details cybercriminals’ shifting social engineering tactics to focus on corporate targets Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading next-generation security and compliance company, released the results of its annual study that details the ways attackers exploit end-users’ psychology to circumvent IT security. The Human Factor Report 2015 reveals that last year […]