2 out of 3 IT Pros Put Systems at Risk of Downtime and Security Violations

2 out of 3 IT Pros Put Systems at Risk

Netwrix 2015 State of IT Changes Survey reveals that nearly 70% of organisations continue to make undocumented changes and only 50% audit their IT infrastructures The Netwrix 2015 State of IT Changes Survey of more than 700 IT professionals across 40 industries found that 70% of companies forget about documenting changes, up from 57% last […]

New Research Finds Mobile Malware Infections Overhyped in US

Mobile Malware Infections Overhyped in US

Research Conducted on 50% of US Mobile Traffic Finds You are 1.3 Times More Likely To Get Struck By Lightning Than Have Mobile Malware Communicating on Your Device Damballa, a leader in advanced threat detection and containment, will be unveiling research on Wednesday, April 22nd at the RSA Conference, which details the overblown nature of […]

The Pitfalls of Perfect Forward Secrecy

Many people in the information security field strongly suspected that government eavesdropping was pervasive. But Edward Snowden’s leaks about the NSA and programs such as PRISM have thoroughly confirmed these suspicions. The latest NSA proposals to the White House (reported by The Washington Post) for a “front door” to our mobile devices has let us […]

RSAC 2015 Keynotes: InfoSec Big Data, Cloud Transparency & Control

notes on RSAC 2015

Last week, I attended keynotes and sessions at the RSA conference hosted at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, taking notes as furiously as possible and sprinting back and forth between rooms – leaving little energy and time left to live-blog coherently after. As a result, I’ll be blogging about some of the more interesting […]

NCP Engineering Meets SMB Demand for Remote Access Solutions with Tech Data Agreement

In an ever-changing digital world, SMBs are constantly confronted with the challenge of keeping data secure against new, dynamic network threats. And, as BYOD continues to take over the workforce, potential vulnerabilities stem from personal mobile devices, which employees often use to connect to corporate networks. Enterprises must think fast, and those that invest in […]

Experts Comment on new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Retail/payment security experts from HP Security Voltage and Lancope commented on the new 3.1 release of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) News release SearchSecurity “PCI DSS 3.1 debuts, requires detailed new SSL security management plan” Brendan Rizzo, technical director, HP Security Voltage (www.voltage.com): “The fact that the PCI Council saw fit […]

Comments on new PCI DSS Standard

New PCI DSS 3.1

Reaction from Richard Blech, CEO of Secure Channels to the new PCI DSS 3.1 standard We applaud PCI counsel for recognizing that SSL is broken. There’s a dichotomy to the term ‘Best Practices’ –  by definition, ‘Best Practices’ does not mean using the broken standard. Upgrading the standards to allow merchants and business partners to […]