When the Cost of Convenience is Compromise

Cost of Convenience

We live in a world where everyone expects instant, always-on access to information where if you haven’t already got ‘an app for that’, you can download one within minutes. Alongside every development team are user interface and graphic designers as well as user experience experts. Product Management and Product Marketing think as much about ease-of-use […]

Online Voting and Identity

Online voting and identity

The arguments in favour of online voting are very clear and the evidence suggests that making the process of voting easier would increase participation. On the other side of the debate, security and specifically identity assurance are always raised as cautionary points, and there are always questions around the inclusivity of online systems. If we […]

IT Careers: How to Become an Information Security Analyst

To become a security analyst, you need specialized classes that aren’t often taken as an entry-level staffer. These classes will prepare you for high-paying jobs with firms that need strong security personnel. Ethical Hacking You’ll be delving into the world of ethical hacking. What is ethical hacking? Most people know what hacking is, or at […]

60% of Parents Fear their Child is Visiting Pornography Sites Online

parents fear their child is visiting pornography

New study shows parents are concerned about their children seeing illicit content online and that they want to limit social media usage A new survey from ESET has revealed that parents are feeling increasingly concerned about the inappropriate content their children are seeing on the internet, with 40 percent admitting they worried about kids visiting […]

Confirming Development of an Operating System for Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers

Cambridge Quantum Computing (“CQCL”) announces the development of t|ket> a unique quantum computing operating system. t|ket> was created by CQCL, and facilitated by a proprietary custom designed high speed super computer also built by CQCL, in order to simulate a quantum processor. A quantum computer takes advantage of quantum interference. Consequently creating an immense advantage in computational speed […]

Hardware-Encrypted USB Devices now Manageable with Latest Version of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Software 5.1

Latest Version of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Software 5.1

Managed, Secure Drives Help Protect Customers against USB-Related Attacks Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global data storage and information security company, announced ongoing support for the latest McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO) software version 5.1 from Intel Security with the release of its client and server software, IronKey eUSB for McAfee ePO.  Organisations of all sizes […]