Cybersecurity Hiring Report

The Q2 2015 Edition of Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity Market Report indicates that cybersecurity hiring is trending up, and will continue for the foreseeable future. Key information on cybersecurity hiring from the Q2 Report: Demand for (U.S.) information security professionals is expected to grow by 53 percent through 2018. More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the […]

Tech experts Comment on LogJam Browser Bug

LogJam browser bug

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the LogJam computer bug in web browsers that has the potential impact of making more than 20,000 websites unreachable. Branden Spikes is founder, CEO and CTO of Spikes Security ( which develops technology for secure online web browsing: “It’s a good move for browsers to raise the […]

Comment from Security Experts on Federal Reserve Cyberattack

Federal Reserve Cyberattack

Experts from Securonix and Secure Channels commented tonight on Brian Krebs’ report that the St. Louis Federal Reserve today sent a message to the banks it serves alerting them that in late April 2015 attackers succeeded in hijacking the domain name servers for the institution. The attack redirected Web searches and queries for those seeking […]