Enhancing Connectivity Offering At Zenium Istanbul One

onnectivity Offering At Zenium Istanbul One

Zenium Technology Partners is pleased to announce that carrier neutral connectivity integrator, Custom Connect, is now offering services in Zenium’s new Turkish data center – Istanbul One. The state-of-the-art facility, located in Istanbul, will be the first in the country to provide wholesale technical space that can be completely customised.  Each client’s specific requirements can […]

Security Experts Comment on CareFirst Healthcare Breach

CareFirst healthcare breach

Cybersecurity experts from HP Security Voltage, Lancope, Tripwire and Secure Channels commented on news of a breach at healthcare provider CareFirst potentially affecting more than 1 million customers. Mark Bower, Global Director, Product Management, HP Security Voltage (www.voltage.com): “Healthcare entities are the new data gold mines for attackers. The data is lucrative, often unprotected, and […]

What Businesses can Learn from the Holborn Outage

What businesses can learn from the Holborn outage

What you can learn from the Holborn outage – don’t let lack of IT planning get in the way of business continuity We all like to complain about services going down just when we need them most. The wrong kind of weather – extremes of hot and cold – can wreak havoc with trains, and […]

Don’t Get Stuck in a Cyber security LogJam

cyber-security Log-jam

Following the news that a new security flaw dubbed the ‘Logjam’ attack is leaving tens of thousands of websites and mail servers are vulnerable to hackers, please find below a quote from Ken Simpson, CEO at Mail Channels. “Organizations cannot afford to rest on their laurels when it comes to cyber security. Hackers are constantly […]

Sparks are Set to Fly, as Pay-as-you-Go Ignites the Utilities Market

as pay-as-you-go ignites the utilities market

With the advent of smart metering set to level the playing field for the utilities industry, a cultural shift is also on the horizon around how users not only consume, but pay for their energy. With direct debit agreements seen as the most effective[1] way to pay for utilities, smart metering opens up the options […]

Security Experts Comment on Penn State Univ. Cyberattack

Penn State Univ. Cyberattack

Security experts from Tripwire, Secure Channels, Proficio, PFU Systems, Inc commented on the latest news that Penn State’s College of Engineering had to disable their network due to a Chinese-based cyber-attack. Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire (www.tripwire.com): “This should be a wake up call to other colleges and universities, it is rare for only one institution […]