Fake Minecraft Apps Scare Hundreds of Thousands on Google Play

Fake Minecraft apps downloaded by thousands on Google Play

ESET has discovered over 30 scareware applications available for download from the Google Play store. The malicious applications, which pretended to be cheats for the popular Minecraft game, have been installed by more than 600.000 Android users. It’s not easy to slip a malicious application into Google’s official Play Store these days. Google’s automated application […]

Publishing Healthcare App Guidance for Developers

healthcare app

You may be aware that the British Standards Institution has now published a set of standards to support developers creating health and wellness apps. These standards outline a set of principles which app developers should follow in order to make sure that their products and services can be trusted by healthcare professionals and the public. […]

An “Under the Hood” Look at LogJam

Under the Hood Look at LogJam

As a result of the NSA surveillance, organizations are increasingly moving towards the use of encryption technologies. It turns out however that encryption is not easy to get right, Heartbleed is only about a year old but other vulnerabilities like FREAK or POODLE have also surfaced in that time frame. This time, a new attack named […]