Security Experts Comment on Japan Pension Service data leak

Japan Pension Service data leak

New expert comments on the latest breach news Reuters reported that Japan’s Pension Service staff computers were improperly accessed by an external email virus, leading to the leak of some 1.25 million cases of personal data. Security experts from Lieberman Software, Proficio and Securonix commented on this news : Philip Lieberman, President, Lieberman Software ( : “The APAC […]

Games with a Purpose: Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud

For years the software industry has capitalized on people’s desire for easy entertainment to solve large-scale computational problems. Games with a purpose (GWAP) leverage the collective intelligence of humans to solve problems that computers can’t yet solve. Now, it seems would-be credit card thieves have found a way to use the concept of GWAP for […]

Security Expert Comments on IRS Breach

Comment on IRS Breach

The comment comes from Geoff Webb, senior director, solution strategy at NetIQ, the security portfolio of Microfocus. Geoff is an IT security and password expert, while NetIQ provides software for identity and access management, so he is very well-placed to comment here. “This isn’t an attack that relied on a technical weakness in a set […]

Assessing Cyber Risk in Business is About More than Just Counting Vulnerabilities

Cyber Risk in Business is About More than Just Counting Vulnerabilities

Organisations generally operate in uncontrolled, vulnerable market environments, which involve risk. It stands to reason, then, that understanding and mitigating risk is an important objective of businesses, and yet it can be hard to determine. The problem with current methods for determining risk is that they have a reverse effect by actually diluting the risk, […]

Expands Application Protection to Android Apps on Intel Platforms

Top Application Security Solutions Provider Aligning with Intel Arxan Technologies, the leading provider of application protection solutions, today announced the extension of its application protection platform to support apps built on Android on Intel Architecture. Arxan will be offering the full strength of its product offering for the Intel® Atom™ Processor. Already known for its […]

Moves Real-Time Content Filtering into the Cloud

Filtering into the Cloud

Bloxx, a pioneer in content filtering and security, today announced that it will enter the Cloud market with the launch of Tru-View Cloud, a new cloud-based web filtering and security service. Tru-View Cloud enables organisations to set robust policies for mobile workers and deploy filtering solutions to additional, remote locations, whilst benefiting from central management without the need […]

Are the Directors on-Board the Cyber Security Train?

Directors on-board the cyber security train

Cyber security is no longer the sole responsibility of the technical people, or even the CIO. Following the Target breach (where immense pressure was placed to replace most of the board members after the breach), and board members of Target and Wyndham Worldwide (hotel chain) face derivative lawsuit related to the data breaches. Recent survey […]