‘Managing a Mobile Threat’

Managing a Mobile Threat

Mobile has become an essential aspect of almost every business, and an astonishing 132 million people around the world use their smartphones at work. Security risks and data breaches are growing while traditional computer usage is shrinking and mobile use is on the rise. This infographic explores the threats that exist for businesses, and provides […]

Security Execs React to US and Japan to Share Cybersecurity Info

Share Cybersecurity Info

Security industry executives today commented on the news that the United States and Japan will cooperate and share information on data breaches and other cybersecurity events. Philip Lieberman, president, Lieberman Software (www.liebsoft.com) : “The joint sharing agreement in cyber defense is a great idea that is long overdue. The need for this cooperation became clear and […]

Hot Israeli Companies on the Cybersecurity 500

There are 16 companies from Israel on Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity 500 list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies. Long known as a hotbed for cybersecurity, Israel produces cutting edge technology used to defend and protect corporations and nations globally. The Israeli companies with their listed positions, market categories, and locations: #28, CyberArk, […]

It’s Springtime, Clean Up! How to Keep Your Office Inbox Clutter-Free and Secure

How to Keep Your Office Inbox Clutter-Free and Secure

Year after year, one start-up after another comes along claiming it has the workplace alternative to email. And yet, email remains. For a variety of reasons that range from the technology’s open protocols to its inclusivity of community, email will remain the standard for communication for the foreseeable future. Yet for all of email’s lasting […]

Security: a Red Herring for Hybrid Cloud?

A Red Herring for Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is coming to be seen by IT pros and business owners as an extremely compelling proposition – in fact, IDC boldly predicts that more than 65 percent of large enterprises will commit to hybrid cloud by next year. Hybrid cloud’s cost savings, business agility and operational efficiencies are the precise qualities organizations need to […]

Mobile Security Partnership with ZTE

Mobile Security Partnership with ZTE

Provides pre-installed protection for smartphones and tablets worldwide AVG® Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG), the online security company™ for more than 200 million monthly active users, announced today a new global partnership with leading telecommunications equipment, networks and mobile devices company, ZTE, to become a provider of mobile security across its range of devices. From May […]

Report Reveals that 90% of Data Loss Prevention Violations Occur in Cloud Storage Apps

17.9 percent of files in enterprise-sanctioned cloud apps constitute a data policy violation, with one in five of those files shared publicly Average number of cloud apps used per enterprise declines for the first time as consolidation efforts from IT begin to take hold 89.6 percent of apps used are not enterprise-ready Microsoft Office 365 […]

Report Sees New Ransomware Surge 165 Percent in First Quarter of 2015


Report reveals massive growth in new ransomware and praises Adobe Security Team’s speed in addressing 42 Adobe Flash vulnerabilities in Q1 2015 News Highlights: New ransomware surges 165 percent in Q1 2015 largely due to  proliferation of the CTB-Locker family and its “affiliate” programme, a new ransomware family called Teslacrypt, and new versions of CryptoWall, […]

Recent Survey Shows 1 in 4 PC’s will be Infected by Malware

1 in 4 PC's will be infected by malware

Malware attacks are becoming more common and every day we are seeing more organisations fall victim to malicious malware. Recently Panda Labs announced the findings of a survey which revealed more than one in four PC’s in the UK will become infected by malware. We are all aware of the recent hacking stories such as […]