Hacking Costs UK Businesses £34 Billion Annually

Hacking costs UK businesses £34 billion

A new study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has revealed that hacking is costing UK businesses some £34bn a year. The CEBR said that the £34bn is split between £18bn in lost revenue owing to the attacks and £16bn in extra investment in security systems: Visit HERE In response to the findings […]

If You’re Typing the Word MCRYPT into your PHP Code, you’re Doing it Wrong

MCRYPT Into Your PHP Code

You probably should not be deploying your own cryptography to begin with, especially if you don’t already understand that encryption is not authentication. For production systems, use PECL libsodium or defuse/php-encryption and save yourself the headache. The rest of this post is intended for PHP developers who still want to write their own cryptography code, or […]

Report Reveals Criminals Receive 1,425 Percent Return on Investment from Malware Attacks

Investment from Malware Attacks

2015 Trustwave Global Security Report Details How Criminals Get Inside, Most Targeted Victims, Top Assets Compromised and More Trustwave® released the 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report which reveals the top cybercrime, data breach and security threat trends from 2014. The report discloses how much criminals can profit from malware attacks, which data they target, how […]

File-Sharing Solution for Enterprises Balancing Employee Mobility and Data Security

File-Sharing Solution For Enterprises

A new paper from analysts at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) details how Varonis DatAnywhere is removing the tension between employee mobility and heightened security risks – two of the most important and often conflicting challenges faced by IT executives. The June 2015 ESG Brief, by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Terri McClure and […]

Selected by Vodafone UK as security provider for new broadband service

Vodafone UK as security provider

Customers to be offered award-winning F-Secure SAFE free for six months. To complement the launch of its new broadband service in the UK, Vodafone has selected F-Secure’s most comprehensive security product, offering it to customers free for six months. F-Secure SAFE is a multi-device internet security service – covering PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets on […]

More than Half (57%) of CEOs Hold Themselves Accountable for Major Cybersecurity Incidents

major cybersecurity incidents

Comment from Netskope on cyber security accountability in the enterprise A new survey by Veracode and Cebr has revealed that the majority of CTOs believe that the government is performing poorly in educating and protecting UK firms from cyberattacks while more than half (57%) of CEOs hold themselves accountable for major cybersecurity incidents. With data […]