What Does the Future Hold for Records and Information Management Professionals?

Records and information management

Is there a future for information managers? Records and information managers (RIMs) belong at the heart of an organisation’s information management strategy. They are responsible for knowing what information exists, who has or has had access to it, where it is now, how safe it is and when it’s time to let it go. These […]

Security Experts on US OPM Hack, Theft of all Employee/Retiree SS#s

Security experts from VASCO Data Security, Secure Channels and Proficio commented on the US OPM Hack John Gunn, VP of Communications, VASCO Data Security: “It’s a modern tragedy that so many innocent people will be victimized by hackers through no fault of their own, but simply because the stewards of their personal data failed to […]

94% have Confidence in the Security of their Data

security of their data

OVER 80% OF USERS SAY VARONIS HAS IMPROVED OR SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED THEIR ABILITY TO PREVENT, DETECT AND RECOVER FROM DATA BREACHES More than 80% of IT professionals surveyed since April state that Varonis software has improved, or greatly improved, their organisations’ ability to prevent, detect and recover from data breaches. The surveys were conducted by […]

Online Trust Alliance for Commitment to Online Trust and Security

Commitment to Online Trust and Security

Fourth consecutive year that Agari is honored for its leadership in brand protection, privacy and security Agari, the leading provider of data-driven security solutions that detect and prevent advanced email cyberthreats, today announced it has been chosen for the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2015 Online Trust Honor Roll for the fourth year in a row. Each year, […]

Security Expert on Man In Middle Attack, 49 Arrested, 6Mil Euros Theft

Man In Middle attack

Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio commented on the middle attack, 49 arrested, 6mil euros theft: “There are many variations of scams that use social engineering to convince targets to wire funds to bank accounts controlled by the fraudsters. Some use similar domain names to trick targets into thinking they are receiving a legitimate email from their […]