Telemetry is no Longer Optional

Telemetry is no longer optional

In every domain, you reach a point where in order to manage a system, you need the appropriate amount of telemetry. Without telemetry, actions and calibrations happen too slowly and the system becomes too sluggish to adapt to the dynamic environment in which it hopes to thrive. This is what is happening in all of […]

Comment on LastPass Hack from Ping Identity

LastPass hack

Comment from Jason Goode, managing director EMEA Ping Identity on why passwords are simply no longer fit for purpose and how authentication that centres on user identity, is the way forward. Jason Goode, managing director EMEA, Ping Identity Yet again, we are increasingly seeing how passwords are simply no longer fit for purpose in the […]

Security Expert Comments on Cardinals Face FBI Inquiry in Astros Hack

The St. Louis Cardinals are facing an FBI and Justice Department inquiry in the hacking of the Houston Astros’ Network , Ken Westin, senior security analyst at Tripwire, provided the following comments: Ken Westin, senior security analyst at Tripwire ( “Hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, but can also be about access to information […]

Major Banking Corporation Investing in Quantum Cryptography Company

The Westpac Banking Corporation has invested directly in technology security specialist QuintessenceLabs or QLabs as they are known, which is waging a high-tech war against hackers. QLabs has created quantum technology that encrypts confidential data using advanced engineering methods to create “keys” that are random and provide unhackable number combinations. The bank will use the technology to secure the devices and […]

Comment from Micro Focus on LastPass Hack

LastPass hack

LastPass, the online password manager, has now revealed that it has become victim of a cyberattack in which user data was compromised and it has urged all users to change their master password. LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, hashed user passwords and cryptographic salts were all stolen in the cyber attack. You can find […]