How Police Stopped Shakespeare’s New Act – in Cyber Crime

How Police Stopped Shakespeare's New Act

A gang of Shakespeare-quoting criminal computer nerds stole millions from British banks online. Cyberpolice carried out a global operation to stop the heist. Can they catch those responsible? Act I: DISCOVERY Gal Frishman scours the Internet looking for things most people try to avoid — malicious bits of software sent out to spy or steal. […]

Cyberespionage Comes to Professional Sports

The F.B.I. is looking into the whether or not the Front Office for the St. Louis Cardinals hacked into the Houston Astros internal networks containing confidential information about their players. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire says hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, gaining a competitive advantage is also a reason as well. Comments […]

Swift Key Vulnerability on Samsung Phones

Swift Key Vulnerability on Samsung Phones

A vulnerability has been discovered with the Swift Keyboard on Samsung phones.The keyboard comes pre-installed and cannot be disabled or uninstalled. The Vulnerability allows a remote attacker to control a user’s network traffic and Can execute code as a privileged system user on the end user’s phone. Craig Young, Cybersecurity Researcher at Tripwire  says attackers […]

30-Days to Govt Cybersecurity Compliancy? It’s Possible!

30-Days to Gov Cybersecurity Compliancy

With the government locking down all federal agency systems until mid-July in what’s being dubbed an emergency “sprint” to get all systems to better meet secure compliancy. Richard Parris, CEO of Intercede commented on Govt Cybersecurity Compliancy: “The mandated 30-day sprint by The White House has confirmed that the data breaches of various government agencies […]

All-in-One Cloud Security for Email, File, Mobile and Cloud Data

cloud security for email, file, mobile and cloud data

Unified Secure Data Exchange Broker solution consolidates email, file, mobile and cloud data security Safe-T announced today the release of Safe-T Box 6.0, featuring the Secure Cloud Access Broker which secures, governs and monitors data in the cloud to prevent leakage, ensure compliance with industry regulations and enable organizations to offer cloud services to their […]

Clearing First FedRAMP Hurdle, On Track to Attain Full Compliance in 2015

Clears First FedRAMP Hurdle

Centrify accelerates its commitment to offering federally accredited solutions for government customers Centrify Corporation, the leader in securing identities from cyberthreats, today announced that Centrify is currently in the second stage of compliance with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. Centrify is now listed as “In Process” on the FedRAMP website and expects […]

UK Executives Give Boards ‘A’ in Cyber Literacy

UK Executives Give Boards ‘A’ in Cyber Literacy

Tripwire, Inc., the global provider of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions, today announced the results of a study sponsored by Tripwire on cyber literacy challenges faced by organisations. The study, which was carried out in May 2015, evaluated the attitudes of executives as they relate to cybersecurity risk decision-making and communication between IT security […]