Taiwan Security Innovators Set the Stage for Future Growth

Taiwan security innovators

Major global players in the world of security and safety are responding to rapid demand surges and accelerating delivery of innovative leading-edge products, services and solutions. Taiwan Excellence Award-winning Taiwanese companies EverFocus Electronics Corporation, VIVOTEK Inc., QNAP Systems Inc., and PLANET Technology Corporation have contributed significantly to Taiwan hitting the top position worldwide in IP […]

Attacking Ruby Gem Security with CVE-2015-3900

Attacking Ruby Gem Security

A Ruby gem is a standard packaging format used for Ruby libraries and applications.  This packaging format allows Ruby software developers a clearly defined format in which they can reliably build and distribute software.  Developer’s push Ruby gems to a distribution server (aka: a gem server) where by users can then install the Ruby application […]

Security Expert Comments on Energy Grid Vulnerability

Researchers have found  a vulnerability in the energy grid with Nova-Wind Turbine human-machine (HMI) interface, which would allow remote code execution. An advisory from ICS-CERT explains that a successful exploitation of this vulnerability can cause a loss of power for all attached systems because it allows the ID to be retrieved from the browser and […]

OPM Security Failings

Following the recent security breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), it has been revealed that the OPM has sent e-mail notices to hundreds of thousands of federal employees to notify them of the breach and recommend that they click on a link to a private contractor’s Web site to sign up for credit monitoring and […]

Super-Private Social Network to Take on Facebook

social network to take on Facebook

A new “super-private” social network, Minds.com, has been launched with a hope of taking on Facebook with the reported advantage of higher user privacy. Unlike its competitors, Minds does not aim to make money from gathering data, instead it encrypts all messages so they cannot be read by advertisers and the government.Mark James, Security Specialist […]

Secure Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Internet of Things

critical infrastructure and Industrial Internet of Things

Intel Security Technologies to be included in Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Solutions for Process Control Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Process Solutions (HPS) and Intel Security today announced they will collaborate to help bolster protection of critical industrial infrastructure and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Intel Security’s McAfee® technologies will be integrated with Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security […]

Your Data Backup Service Provider Should have These Certifications

Your Data Backup Service Provider

There are several security issues to consider when looking for a cloud data storage provider. In the emerging field of cloud data storage, companies employing cloud services often underestimate the importance of proper security. In fact, SkyHigh reports that the average business only spends 3.8 percent of their security budget on digital security. Luckily, proper […]