Issued Patent Covering Determination of Whether a Data Storage is Encrypted

Data Storage is Encrypted

New Technology Enhances OPSWAT’s Gears and OESIS Framework Solutions OPSWAT, a software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,021,163 entitled Determining Whether a Data Storage is Encrypted.  Inventors are Benjamin Czarny (CEO, OPSWAT), Jianpeng Mo (Director of Software […]

Hackers Behavior Before and During the 2015 Copa America

Copa America

Intro Cytegic DyTA intelligence platform gathers, processes and analyses hundreds of thousands of intelligence feeds on a month basis, to allow a quick and understandable cyber-trend analysis. DyTA enables cyber-intelligence analysts and CISOs to understand and analyze the threat level of each attacker and attack method relevant to their organization, according to their geopolitical region, […]

Security Expert Comments on Unbreakable Encryption

Toshiba is working on an unbreakable encryption solution that would create a one-time encryption key. The key for Toshiba’s quantum-cryptography system will be delivered as photons through a custom-made fiber optic cable not connected to the Internet. Ken Westin Security Analyst for Tripwire commented on the unbreakable encryption. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire :  “It is great to see new innovations […]

Enables the Public to Receive Money for Old Mobile Phones

Receive Money for Old Mobile Phones

New scheme aims to help reduce electronic waste, protect the environment and cut the mining of minerals in conflict-affected regions while supporting the International Co-operative Alliance’s appeal for the reconstruction of co-operatives in Nepal ShP Limited has partnered with The Phone Co-op, trading as The Co-operative Mobile, for a new initiative encouraging the public to […]

I.T. Disaster Recovery & the SME

Disaster Recovery & the SME

Disaster recovery is the area of security planning that deals with protecting an organization from the effects of significant negative events. A major incident in an organization but most especially a small organization, can have catastrophic repercussions including causing it to cease operating if bad enough. Therefore, it is vital that all organizations take the […]

Government Sector Ranked Last in Remediating Web and Mobile Application Vulnerabilities

Web and Mobile Application Vulnerabilities

Veracode’s 2015 State of Software Security Report benchmarks risk profile for 34 industries across seven vertical markets Veracode, a leader in protecting enterprises from today’s pervasive web and mobile application threats, released the 2015 State of Software Security report that reveals concerning benchmark analytics from its cloud-based platform. The reports shows that web and mobile […]