Consumer Data Risk when Trading in Mobile Devices

data risk when trading in mobile devices

Following Argos’s newly announced trade-in scheme for mobile devices and tablets, Pat Clawson CEO of the Blancco Technology Group commented below. Pat is supportive of the initiative but warns there is a major risk of consumers leaving themselves vulnerable to data theft. Pat Clawson, CEO of the Blancco Technology Group :  “What Argos is doing is […]

New York Magazine Hacked

New York Magazine Hacked

New York Magazine has suffered a likely DDoS attack which knocked the publication offline for several hours. The attacker, who goes by ThreatKing, claims he went after the site because he “hates New York”; however, the timing of the attack with the release of a cover story featuring 35 victims of Bill Cosby certainly raises […]

How Dating Apps Could Compromise Your Financial Security

Dating Apps Could Compromise

Online Security Software Companay, Direct ID, Creates Fake Propfile on Tinder™ to Study Identity Protection Meet Martha Smith: She’s twenty-five years old and she has a degree in Engineering from the University of Edinburgh. Her music tastes are wide-ranging, taking in everything from Taylor Swift to AC/DC. She’s an avid reader, dividing her literary affections […]

Removing the Dangers of BYOD

Dangers of BYOD

Today our working lives are almost 24/7 and often we’re working away from the office. To stay connected we use our mobile phones for email and business, even on vacation. So, it’s not surprising then, that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is on the rise in the enterprise. In the past decade we have seen more […]

Shellshock Activity Still Tracked to 138 Countries

Shellshock Activity Still Tracked

U.S. and China Lead Top Sources of Command and Control Traffic; 48 Percent of Top 25 Hostile Non-U.S. IP Addresses are “Bruteforce” Repeat Offenders Solutionary, an NTT Group security company (NYSE: NTT) and the next-generation managed security services provider (MSSP), today announced the results of its Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) Quarterly Threat Report for […]

Secure Enterprise Client 10.02 for Windows Users to Enable Enhanced Remote Access VPN Services

Secure Enterprise Client 10.02 for Windows Users

First IPsec VPN Client compatible with Windows 10 now available with newly added features to improve ease-of-use capabilities while optimizing for Internet of Things configuration NCP engineering today announced the availability of its updated NCP Secure  Clients, Version 10.02, to support users running Windows 10, the yet-released, latest version of the operating system, as well […]

Expert Comment on Windows 10 Security

Windows 10 Security

Is Windows 10 secure ? Following yesterday’s official launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10, David Chismon, security researcher at MWR InfoSecurity commented below on the windows 10 security. David Chismon, Security Researcher at MWR InfoSecurity : “The introduction of Windows Hello, a biometric authentication framework, may see more use of biometric authentication and a move away […]

Cyber ROI

Cyber ROI

As you know, cyber attacks pose a major threat to U.S. industry and government.  However, it can be difficult for executives to quantify the benefits of implementing cybersecurity measures.  We have developed an innovative framework to help justify cyber investments and mitigate risk to organizations through implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. The Challenge: On […]

10 Security Mistakes Nearly Everyone’s Guilty Of

10 security mistakes

When it comes to data security, attackers continue to exploit the biggest weakness of all – people. ESET Ireland looks at 10 security mistakes humans continue to make on a daily basis. Poor patching The sad reality is that most data breaches owe not only to a human mistake, like clicking on a malicious link, […]

Reveals Vulnerabilities in Smart Watches

Vulnerabilities in Smart Watches

HP has released a new study on smartwatch security. Ten smartwatches tested by HP Fortify contained significant vulnerabilities, including insufficient authentication, lack of encryption and privacy concerns. Mark James, Security Specialist at IT Security Firm ESET : “Smart watches are a “nice to have” option and thankfully not a “need to have” necessity. With anything […]