Security Experts Comment on Massive OPM Hack News

massive OPM hack

More reaction to news that the U.S. gov OPM hack has impacted upwards of 25 million people from security experts of Tripwire,VASCO and Lieberman Software. Tim Erlin, Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy, Tripwire ( We shouldn’t be surprised that the scope of the OPM breach has grown. It’s a common pattern for discovered data […]

Security Experts Comment on OpenSSL Patch


After days of fear at the newly discovered high severity bug in OpenSSL, we can now relax as experts reveal that the “flaw is bad, but no heartbleed”. This comes as a relief as the notorious Heartbleed flaw also originated in OpenSSL. Security experts from Tripwire, Imperva and ESET, discuss the severity of the issue. […]

British Politicians Hacked Coverage

Public Wi-Fi is becoming more and more popular. It’s becoming prominent absolutely everywhere, and almost everyone uses it when given the opportunity. But many people still seem to feel that public Wi-Fi networks are built to give the public free Wi-Fi access without having to make concession with their privacy, and this is in spite […]

Apps on Google Play Steal Facebook Credentials

Steal Facebook Credentials

Thousands of Android users targeted by phishing apps harvesting their Facebook credentials. ESET recently analysed two new samples of malware on Google Play masquerading as games called Cowboy Adventure and Jump Chess.  The apps contained a Trojan functionality allowing them to carry out Facebook phishing attacks. Google has since taken down both of the apps and […]

BYOD and Data Security: What You Should Know

BYOD and Data Security

As BYOD continues to increase in popularity, so do related security threats. Find out how to protect your data if a business device is lost or stolen. Hardly a week goes by without news of a digital security breach or stolen data making the headlines. Between the recent Uber hack and reports of a Pioneer […]