The Importance of Strong Passwords

The strength of passwords as an authentication control is more important than ever before. Cyber-criminals are increasingly using automated password cracking tools to identify passwords in a matter of seconds. Our 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report revealed that out of a password sample size of 499,556 hashed passwords, our experts cracked 51 percent of them […]

Android Settings to Increase Your Mobile Security

Your smartphone contains information about everything in your personal and professional life. This means that protecting the information that may be on your phone is paramount, especially in this day and age when information is so much more valuable than it was even just a few years ago. Protecting your smartphone has gone beyond having […]

Lessons Learned in Financial Data Security

Netwrix investigates three recent security breaches to help the IT community avoid pitfalls in protecting customer financial data The unprecedented number of data breaches over the last year has increased investigation of attack patterns and deep post-breach analysis to reveal the root cause. Knowing your IT environment gives you better control over your most critical […]

5 Myths about Threat Intelligence

equation malware

In the spirit of The Washington Post’s regular column, “5 Myths,” here is “a challenge to everything you think you know” about Threat Intelligence. You may already know that cyber threat intelligence from both internal and external sources can provide value when it is researched, analyzed and disseminated correctly. The benefits include: Changing an organization’s […]