Phishers Target US Gov Using Adobe Flash Vulnerability

In response to the news that the FBI has warned that hackers are attempting to break into US Government agencies using a recently patched Adobe Flash vulnerability, Kevin Epstein, VP of Advanced Security and Governance at Proofpoint commented on the phishers target US Gov using adobe flash vulnerability. Kevin Epstein, VP of Advanced Security and […]

Comment on Spam Levels at All Time Low

Symantec has issued a new report which states that spam emails during June were at all time low. The report said that people are being sent fewer spam emails than at any time over the past 12 years. Kevin Epstein, VP, Advanced Security and Governance at Proofpoint commented on the spam levels at all time […]

New Survey Reveals Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Challenges


Aspen Institute, Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Survey Shows 86% of Respondents Want More Public-Private Cooperation; Of Those who Experienced Cyberattacks, 59% Reported Physical Damage Information technology (IT) executives within critical infrastructure organisations see a need for public-private threat intelligence sharing partnerships (86% of respondents) to keep pace with escalating cybersecurity threats, according to a survey […]

5 Seconds to Protect Businesses

5 Seconds to Protect Businesses

Data security issues and security breaches within businesses are now a regular occurrence. Everyday it seems that we are hearing about a new cyber attack or security flaw and just recently it was announced by CEBR and Veracode[i] that cyber attacks are costing British businesses £34bn a year. A recent report from PWC[ii] found that […]

Joins Calls to kill Flash

joins calls to kill Flash

F-Secure security researchers recommend businesses migrate away from Adobe’s Flash plug-in following a recent surge in Flash-based exploits. F-Secure Labs has discovered a recent surge in the number of exploits targeting Adobe’s Flash plug-in. Given the consistent use of Flash vulnerabilities in crimeware, F-Secure is adding their voice to other security researchers, suggesting that Adobe […]

Releases the First Semantic API to Enable the Development of Cognitive Computing Systems for the Finance Industry

First Semantic API

A ready-to-deploy semantic intelligent system to speed search and content analysis for precise knowledge and representation of financial domains Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual semantic intelligence technology for the effective management of unstructured information, announced Cogito API Finance, the first, ready-to-deploy and fully configured solution specifically designed to help financial industry developers and IT professionals speed their search and […]

RC4 NOMORE – Decrypting Cookies in just 52 Hours

Following a demonstration of an attack from Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens of the University of Leuven, that showed a weakness in the RC4 algorithm, Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst, Raytheon | Websense, commented on the decrypting cookies in just 52 hours. Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst, Raytheon | Websense : “When fundamental weaknesses like […]