Three Common Cloud Myths that keep Financial Firms in Fear

Three Common Cloud Myths

In response to consumers’ demand for instant, always-on service, UK financial firms are showing a growing interest in cloud services. Alan Grogan, chief analytics officer of the customer services group at RBS, even suggested developing a cloud service specifically for financial services organisations, despite the financial industry being criticized for lagging behind other industries in […]

Who is Winning the Internet Security War?

Internet Security War?

The Internet may have transformed every aspect of business and personal life but the truth is that it is still in its infancy. As a result, there is a clear lack of sophistication and maturity regarding the way the Internet is used and abused today. Data security is without doubt the primacy concern. The continuous […]

Classified Information but was not Identified as Classified

With the latest information from the inspector general that some emails that Hillary Clinton sent from her private server contained classified information but was not identified as classified. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire says this issue puts a light on the challenges of Shadow IT in Government. Also explains that without direct access to a […]

Hitting High Record in Second Quarter Due to Surge in Phishing Attacks

Surge in Phishing Attacks

Infoblox Inc. (NYSE:BLOX), the network control company, released the second quarter 2015 report for the Infoblox DNS Threat Index, powered by IID, the source for clear cyberthreat intelligence. The index hit a record high of 133—up 58 percent from the second quarter of 2014—due to a surge in phishing attacks. The Infoblox DNS Threat Index, […]

launches Secure Support for 1 billion Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 users

SOTI MobiControl introduces support for Windows 10, enhanced support of the Apple Volume Purchase Program and Android for Work. As enterprise mobility continues to evolve, so must the definition of devices that fall under the ability to be managed from a central console. Today, SOTI Inc., the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions, announces the availability of SOTI […]

Cyber Security Employers Exclusive Access to 40 of the UK’s Best Employment

SANS Cyber Academy

New approach to cyber skills gives UK employers exclusive access to 40 most talented cyber-defenders SANS’ first Recruitment Fair offers unparalleled access to the UK’s best employment–ready cyber security talent, selected from over 24,000 candidates Initiative designed for direct and immediate impact on organisations’ cyber skills gap The first ever SANS Cyber Academy Recruitment Fair […]

Is Microsoft’s Walled-Garden of Virtualisation is Strategic Intent or Tunnel Vision?

Microsoft’s Walled-Garden of Virtualisation

David Dennis, Vice President, Marketing & Products, GroundWork commented on the Microsoft’s Walled-Garden of Virtualisation. David Dennis, Vice President, Marketing & Products, GroundWork :  While the data centre of old played host to an array of physical technologies, the data centre of today and of the future is based on virtualisation, public or private clouds, containers, converged servers, […]