Phishing Campaign Targeting Gmail

It has been reported that hackers likely based in the Middle East have launched a new Gmail phishing campaign that’s trying to trick users into surrendering control Google accounts. The hackers do it by defeating Google’s own anti-spam software and sending what appears to be a legitimate Gmail message that redirects users to a fake Google Drive […]

ATM developer NCR Alert on Uptick in ATM Skimming

NCR alert on uptick in ATM skimming

In a new security alert, ATM developer NCR warns of a significant increase in US ATM skimming. Security expert Benjamin Wyrick, VP with VASCO Data Security, commented on the NCR alert on uptick in ATM skimming. Benjamin Wyrick, VP at VASCO Data Security :  “The US Secret Service reports that there’s now more than $8B in ATM Skimming fraud annually. […]

Offering Google’s New User Encryption

Google announced a new beta capability on its Cloud Platform Blog: support for customer-supplied encryption keys –  “Bring Your Own Encryption Keys to Google Cloud Platform”  The feature lets users create and hold the keys, determine when data is active or “at rest,” and prevent anyone accessing their “at rest” data. Richard Blech, CEO and Co-Founder, at […]

Fully Featured, Effective Security Awareness and Training Solution for Multinational Companies

Security Awareness Training

Wombat Security Technologies announced that its entire comprehensive, award-winning security awareness and training solution that includes knowledge assessments, mock attacks, and interactive training modules for a continuous training methodology is available in 13 languages. Wombat Security helps security officers deliver a comprehensive, continuous training program by providing all of the software necessary to assess and educate […]

“Malvertising” Security Risks of Popular Websites and Software

Security Risks of Popular Websites and Software

News and entertainment websites unknowingly host more than 50 percent of malvertisments; Flash exploits increase 60 percent and ransomware increases 80 percent since 2014 Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer of threat isolation to prevent data breaches, announced the publication of “Endpoint Exploitation Trends 1H 2015,” a Bromium Labs research report that analyzes the ongoing security risk of […]

New Lock & Key solution for Companies to Protect High Valuable Data

Lock & Key solution For protect companies data

Lock & Key is a component of Imation’s recently announced Secure Data Movement Architecture (SDMA™), integrating administrative security with Imation’s Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage solutions Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, announced that Imation Lock & Key – a new feature of Imation’s Nexsan Assureon™ secure archive solution that adds […]

Debunking the Top Cloud Security Myths

Few would deny that the number of cyber-attacks – whether made public or not – is growing. Today, there are more data breaches reported in the mainstream media, not just the IT media. Cloud security, and IT security in general, are thus high on the corporate IT to-do lists for most CIOs and their teams. […]