Security Training for 10,000 UK Internet Users

Security Training for 10,000 UK Internet Users

Google is embarking on a countrywide roadshow this summer to inform and train the public on how to be safer and more secure online. On the back of new Google search insights that indicate Brits are increasingly concerned about how to control the security of their data online, the company is visiting five cities and […]

How to Get Back the Data Archives into Chaos on Track

Data Archives into Chaos

There’s no doubt that organisations of all sizes and across industries are drowning in big data, and the volume of information being collected will only continue to increase in the coming years. Hard drives, servers, file cabinets and storage facilities across the UK are at capacity. What most people don’t know, however, is that massive […]

Cloud Services is Compromised by Russian Hackers

Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire has been noting the potential for this “Hammertoss” cyber espionage scenario for some time and was not surprised by the FireEye report that came out. Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire : “This particular method of attack is pretty clever, as it takes advantage of most enterprise organizations […]

Hackers Breach United Airlines

United Airlines breach

News has broken that United Airlines have been breached by the group of China-backed hackers believed to have been behind the Anthem breach. They detected the attack in May or early June, and among the data stolen are manifests including information on their flights’ passengers and their destinations. Experts from Tripwire, STEALTHbits, Securonix, Proficio, and Secure Channels commented on the breach […]

Black Hat USA Briefing Document

Black Hat USA Briefing

Speakers – Black Hat USA 2015 Several members of NCC Group’s expert research team have had talks accepted at Black Hat USA 2015. Briefings Andy Davis, research director at NCC Group Andy Davis has worked in the information security industry for more 20 years, performing a range of security functions throughout his career. Recently, Andy […]

Hidden Encrypted Mission Threats in Enterprise Applications

Hidden Threats in Encrypted Mission-Critical

Delivers industry’s first visibility solution that includes stateful SSL decryption to improve application performance and security forensics Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA), a leading provider of application performance and security resilience solutions, announced it has extended its Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Processor™ to include stateful, bi-directional SSL decryption capability for application monitoring and security analytics tools. […]

Hacking an Air-Gapped Computer Using a Mobile Phone

Air-Gapped Computer Hacked

Researchers have hacked an air-gapped computer using a mobile phone, posing a serious threat to critical infrastructure. The attack requires both the targeted computer and the mobile phone to have malware installed on them, but once this is done the attack exploits the natural capabilities of each device to exfiltrate data. Lane Thames, Software Development […]