Shows Commercial Code Is More Tractable than Open Source Code to Security Standards

Shows Commercial Code Is More Compliant to Security Standards

Coverity, the leader in software quality and security testing solutions, has released its annual Coverity Scan Open Source Report. For the first time in this year’s report, it was found that commercial code bases are significantly more secure than open source. This is likely due to a high number of open source security incidents during […]

Collecting, Analysing, and Evaluating on Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is rapidly becoming an ever-higher business priority. There is a general awareness of the need to ‘do’ threat intelligence, and vendors are falling over themselves to offer a confusingly diverse array of threat intelligence products. Over the past 6 years threat intelligence has grown dramatically. Whether it has been its popularity in search […]

Are Enterprises Ready for Hadoop Security?

Hadoop security

Apache Hadoop has been growing in popularity over recent years, known to be a valuable solution in cost effectively running large-scale analytics and processing. However, this popularity has meant that its security capabilities have been under scrutiny lately and questions have been raised around whether Hadoop is ready for secure environments. With big data projects […]

“Air-gapped Computing” New Threat to Critical Infrastructure

Stealing Data from Air-gapped computers

Israeli researchers have discovered a new threat to critical infrastructure by finding a way to steal data from air-gapped computers using a simple cellphone. Air-gapped computing is used for the most sensitive work environments like critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants. The air-gapping computers prevent workers from inserting USB sticks into the computers. Many […]

Security Flaws in Popular Smart Home Automation Hubs

Popular Smart Home Automation Hubs

New research finds zero-day vulnerabilities in Amazon’s top-selling smart home systems Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced threat, security and compliance management solutions, announced results of an extensive security assessment of three top-selling smart home automation hub products available on Amazon. The research uncovered zero-day flaws in each hub that could allow hackers to […]

Announcing Single Sign-on with Three Leading Identity Management Platforms

single sign-on

Integration brings enterprises simplified access to 20 million Wi-Fi hotspots globally iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network, today announced that it now supports single sign-on with three leading identity management platforms: Okta, OneLogin and Ping Identity. With single sign-on capability, business users can securely self-provision themselves to use the iPass global Wi-Fi […]

Releasing Q2 Country Reports for Security of PCs

Releases Q2 Country Reports

Vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia has released its Q2 quarterly country report for US  and 14 other countries around the world. Big take away this round is the continued massive vulns out there on PDF readers. Kasper Lindgaard, Director of Research and Security at Secunia commented on the releasing of Q2 report. Kasper Lindgaard, Director of Research and Security at Secunia […]