Report Criticizing the State Agencies’ Security

Criticizing the State Agencies' Security

The California State Auditor’s office has issued a new report “High Risk Update—Information Security” which is available Here. The detailed report’s basic conclusion is that “despite the need to safeguard the State’s information systems, our review found that many state entities have weaknesses in their controls over information security. These weaknesses leave some of the […]

The Hidden Costs of a Data Breach

Hidden Costs of a Data Breach

When tallying up the costs of a data breach, it is easy to focus on the bills that have to be paid. There are significant, tangible expenses: credit cards that need to be re-issued, special PR projects that need to be implemented and the cost of specialized forensic consultants – the list goes on. But, […]

Ultimate Form of Cyberbullying

ultimate form of cyberbullying

Following the news of reported suicides in connection with the Ashley Madison breach, comments from Tyler Reguly, manager of Tripwire’s Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT). [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Tyler Reguly, Manager of Security Research at Tripwire : “The Ashley Madison breach could be considered the ultimate form of cyberbullying. Suicide should not be unexpected in […]

Announcing the Cybersecurity 500 List for Q3 2015

Cybersecurity 500 List for Q3 2015

The Definitive List of the World’s Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies Cybersecurity Ventures has announced the Q3 2015 edition of the Cybersecurity 500, a global compilation of leading companies who provide cybersecurity solutions and services. Cybersecurity 500 is online The Cybersecurity industry is growing from $77 Billion in 2015 to $170+ Billion in 2020, […]

U.S. Court Affirms FTC Authority to Enforce Data Breach Rules

FTC authority over data security practices

Pat Clawson, CEO of the Blancco Technology Group commented in response to a US court’s decision to affirm the Federal Trade Commission’s authority over data security practices. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Pat Clawson, CEO of the Blancco Technology Group : “I think it’s pretty significant that the FTC is exerting more of its power in matters related […]

Protecting Users from Zero Day Attacks, Malware, and Privacy Threats

Zero Day Attacks, Malware, and Privacy Threats

Avast Builds Threat Detection Based on Machine Learning Avast Software, maker of the world’s most trusted PC and mobile security, is creating a kernel-level mobile security solution. Avast is working with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, to make the new technology available. Qualcomm Technologies developed Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM Smart Protect to detect and […]

Finding Unmanaged Apple Devices are a Liability for Corporations

Apple devices are a liability for corporations

Lack of encryption and weak or shared passwords expose sensitive corporate and customer information Centrify Corporation, the leader in securing identities from cyberthreats, announced findings from a recent survey it commissioned to determine penetration and security compliance of Apple devices in the workplace. Conducted by Dimensional Research, the Centrify Apple survey demonstrates that while people widely use […]

Extreme Rise in Business Costs

extreme rise in business costs

The UK Government’s Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ by critics, has already been met with contention from tech giants, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, who have stressed they will not voluntarily co-operate with it. And new research published by IP EXPO Europe, Europe’s number one IT event, reveals that nearly three in five (58%) of […]

The Cost of Poor Test Data Management

poor test data management

If there’s one thing that’s going to make a business sit up and listen – its money, especially when it comes to avoidable fines. So, with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) listing over £800 million worth of fines to businesses breaching financial principles on its website this year, you would think the industry would be […]