How to Set a Good Password

How to Set a Good Password

Richard Walters at Intermedia commented on the Password guidance: simplifying your approach, which suggests that complex passwords are no longer recommended. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Richard Walters, General Manager and Vice President of Identity and Access Management (IAM) at Intermedia : “The report from CESG is full of excellent advice on improving password security. Much of the […]

Finance Firms Targeted by Cyber Extortion Gang DD4BC

Finance Firms Targeted by Cyber Extortion

The BBC has reported that the DD4BC gang threatens to swamp servers with data unless a ransom of up to 50 bitcoins (£8,000) is paid. “The latest attacks – focused primarily on the financial service industry – involved new strategies and tactics intended to harass, extort and ultimately embarrass the victim publically,” Marc Gaffan, general […]

Supports Microsoft Azure SQL and SQL Server 2016

Azure SQL and SQL Server 2016

Enterprise Random Password Manager Provides Enterprise-level Security Controls Over Privileged Credentials on all Layers of the IT Stack, On Premises and in the Cloud Lieberman Software Corporation’s adaptive privileged identity management platform, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), now supports Microsoft Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016. These enhancements are consistent with the company’s strategy […]

A Portable Storage Devices : Friend or Foe?

A Portable Storage Devices : Friend or Foe?

Businesses now chose to rely more heavily on digital devices that can be taken anywhere and used at any time. This means that businesses are now more frequently choosing to use portable storage devices too. Every mobile phone, tablet and computer has its own storage space which employees chose to use for reasons of convenience […]

First Android Pin-locking Ransomware Targeting Users in North America

Android Ransomware #LockerPIN

LockerPIN sets or changes the device’s PIN lock, unbeknownst to the user as it locks the screen and demands a $500 ransom. Researchers from ESET, a global leader in IT security for more than two decades, have discovered in the wild the first Android PIN-setting ransomware. “Based on ESET’s LiveGrid® statistics, the majority of the infected […]

Stolen Information using Corebot Sold on

Corebot Sold on

Investigating several domains registered using the email address drake.lampado777@gmail[.]com. IBM Security X-Force spotted the information-stealing malware named Corebot. The Corebot’s author included the ability to add plugins to the malware in order to incorporate more features. The features are usually a specific function the malware will perform or turned the bot in, such as being […]

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

The evidence from 2015 is clear: traditional signature-based end-point protection is ineffective against the modern attack, which is persistent and targets zero-day vulnerabilities. Here are some factoids for consideration: Today organizations are facing threats that are more complicated and move too quickly for traditional information security tools to address. Attackers that seek only to disrupt […]