Advertising Attack Hits Visitors on Ebay, TalkTalk and Others

Advertising Attack Hits Visitors

TechWeek Europe has reported an advertising attack which ran for almost three weeks on major websites such as eBay UK, The Drudge Report and TalkTalk, and advertising networks including DoubleClick’s EMEA network. The campaign used the Angler Exploit Kit to carry out fraud schemes or install ransomware on the victim’s system. Devin Redmond, vice president […]

MI5 Head Raises Concerns on Security Encryption

Security Encryption

Following the comments made by MI5 Director General Andrew Parker that data encryption technology was creating a situation where police and intelligence agencies “can no longer obtain under proper legal warrant the communication of people they believe to be terrorists”. Dr Nithin Thomas, founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm SQR Systems, said “It is vital […]

Three Quarters of Employees want HR more Involved in Information Security

HR more Involved in Information Security

Research shows most security breaches are down to people inside the organisation. Workers say this needs to be addressed by HR policy and procedure as well as technology New research shows that most employees see information security as an HR issue and want companies to develop better HR policies and practices to help safeguard private […]

Why Beefing up the Security of your Android Devices is the Need of the Hour?

Security of your Android Devices

Android has a major chink in its armor called the Stagefright Android Hack. In this hack, an innocuous looking video-embedded message that you receive on your Android device becomes the threat. Sent by an attacker, this MMS message can be used to gain access to your device and personal data. But there is a catch. […]

The Gap between Network Security and User Identity

Network Security and User Identity

Infoblox Introduces First Enterprise-Grade DDI solution with Identity Mapping Infoblox Inc. (NYSE:BLOX), the network control company, announced Infoblox Identity Mapping, which bridges the gap between network security and user identity by intelligently correlating two previously separate sets of data, making it easier for network administrators to locate the source of security events, track mobile devices, […]

Cyberattacks Linked to Russian Intelligence Gathering

Cyberattacks Linked to Russian Intelligence Gathering

F-Secure Labs links nearly a decade of state-sponsored cyberattacks to a group of hackers backed by Russia. A new report published by F-Secure Labs links a number of state-sponsored cyberattacks to a hacking group engaged in Russian intelligence gathering. The whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of a hacking group called “The Dukes”, and outlines over […]

Announcing Three New Applications

Announcing Three New Applications

Industry leader delivers add-on tools to improve workflow efficiency Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions, announced a suite of new reporting and analytics applications for Tripwire® Enterprise, an industry-leading security and compliance management solution. Tripwire Apps allow users to improve workflow efficiency through integration with IT Service Management solutions. […]

Potent New Tool in Fight Against Cybercrime

Fight Against Cybercrime

The Internet can be a great place to hide. There are over 300 million domain names, over 4 billion IP addresses and many more nameservers, hostnames and email addresses within the infrastructure of DNS. Criminals make use of all of these resources to attack their targets, moving often and hiding in plain sight behind Whois […]