Driverless Cars will have “Reflexes Quicker than an F1 Driver”

Driverless cars

As electronics and related code become more integrated into modern vehicles, we are reaching a point where they will require similar protection as smartphone, tablets and traditional computers. There is a real worry about hackers controlling vehicles in different scenarios such as having fun with the songs being played, downloading rogue apps, disabling the vehicles […]

Losing up to Half a Million US dollars due to a Security Breach

Losing up to Half a Million US dollars

The average budget required to recover from a security breach is $551,000 USD for enterprises, and $38,000 for small and medium businesses according to a new report by Kaspersky Lab. Based on a worldwide survey of 5,500 companies conducted in cooperation with B2B International, the survey concluded the most expensive types of security breach are […]

Malware Infection in Apple App Store in China

Malware Infection in Apple App Store

You may have seen news today that the Apple App Store in China has been infected with malware. John Smith, principal solutions architect at Veracode commented on the hackers infiltrated the vaunted Apple ecosystem by injecting malicious software into popular Chinese mobile apps. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]John Smith, Principal Solutions Architect at Veracode : “In recent […]

Major Attack on Russian Government Websites

Attack on Russian Government Websites

Russian has reported a “very powerful” hack on the nation’s government, including a hit on the Kremlin’s defense systems that slowed operations for a time. Tim Erlin, director of security and product management at Tripwire commented on the attack targeted the election commission in Russia. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Tim Erlin, Director of Security and Product Management […]

Releasing Halocore, Its Flagship Data Protection Solution for SAP Users

Release of Halocore

Halocore enables SAP customers to identify sensitive data exports with context-aware classification, track and analyze all download activity from SAP applications, and prevent potential data loss. SECUDE, an innovative data security provider specializing in security for SAP software, announced the newest release of its flagship data-centric security solution, Halocore, with additional capabilities designed to enhance the solution’s core functionality. Halocore helps […]

Odlanor Malware Cheats at Online Poker

Odlanor Malware Cheats

ESET discovers a new trojan that lets the attacker see the cards of the victim online poker player. ESET researchers have discovered Odlanor, a trojan, which is used by its malware operator to cheat in online poker by peeking at the cards of infected opponents. It specifically targets two of the largest online poker sites […]

GeoTool, Complying with Upcoming EU Data Privacy Laws

EU data privacy laws

Latest feature assures you know exactly where your data is, complying with strictest European standards. Zettabox, the European cloud storage and team-sharing platform, launches the first tool to allow companies to choose in which European locations they want to place their cloud data. This update helps all Zettabox customers to meet the new European data […]

Apple iOS 9 Released – But is it Secure?

Apple iOS 9 Released

Apple is releasing iOS 9 all over the world , London will be receiving the update at 6pm. But is iOS 9 an improvement on the current operating system in terms of security, or are you better off without it? Mark James, Security Specialist at IT Security Firm ESET commented on the ios9 that will […]