How to Prepare Your IT Department for a Disaster

IT Department for a Disaster

This year, disaster recovery (DR) has been a top priority for 45 per cent of UK IT departments. With the increase in legal and regulatory compliance coupled with virtualisation and cloud-based strategies for disaster recovery, more IT departments (5 per cent more than 2014, to be exact) are recognising the importance of DR. But knowing […]

Outsourcing IT Security : A Recipe for Success or Disaster?


When you’re looking for an IT solutions company in the Philippines that can offer IT security services, then you have one big question swirling in your head: “Is it worth it to let other people manage my sensitive data and give my company a competitive advantage?” According to a growing number of companies, the answer […]

Apple’s App Store Malware Infection in China

Malware Infection in China

Security experts from Lancope and VASCO commented on the latest news that hackers infiltrated the vaunted Apple ecosystem by injecting malicious software into popular Chinese mobile apps. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Gavin Reid, Vice President of Threat Intelligence, Lancope : “Before this unfortunate incident the Apple App Store had the industry-leading track record releasing more than a […]

The Dangers of Wearable Tech in the Workplace

Dangers of Wearable Tech

The Apple Watch, the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear. Whether you have a fixed BYOD policy or not, these wearable technologies are already communicating through your corporate network on a daily basis, working seamlessly to collect and deliver data to employees on the move. As a matter of fact, IDC predicts that by 2019, more […]

Losing $1.8M in Phishing Hack

Losing $1.8M in Phishing Hack

Kevin Epstein, VP of Threat Operations at Proofpoint commented on the news that bitcoin payment processor BitPay has lost $1.8 million following a phishing attack against the company’s executives. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Kevin Epstein, VP of Threat Operations at Proofpoint : “Hackers continue to use spear-phishing to initiate attacks because it works; as Proofpoint’s Human Factor research […]

iPhone can be Hacked if within Bluetooth Range

iPhone can be Hacked if within Bluetooth Range

It has been reported that a vulnerability in iPhones means that a hacker can wirelessly hijack your iPhone if they are within Bluetooth range. Australian security researcher and consultant Mark Dowd revealed that iOS 9 includes a patch for this security vulnerability, which he warned Apple about just over a month ago. Tim Erlin, director […]