British Banks Lose £20 Million to Dridex Malware

Dridex Malware

Following the warning from The National Crime Agency that internet users are being targeted by a new version of the Dridex malware, and that some £20m has already been stolen by the gang in the UK alone. Security experts from Tripwire and Raytheon|Websense, commented on the news and discussed how it’s not just a UK […]

Samsung LoopPay Hacked by Chinese Hackers

Samsung LoopPay Hacked

Security experts from Splunk and HP Data Security commented on the latest news that Chinese hackers breached LoopPay, a subsidiary of Samsung that contributes to its new mobile payment system. The hackers had been inside LoopPay’s system for five months before the company discovered them in late August. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Mark Bower, Global Director of […]

Nuclear Facilities at Risk of Cyber Attack

Nuclear Facilities at Risk of Cyber Attack

The risk of a “serious cyber attack” on nuclear power plants around the world is growing, warns a report. The civil nuclear infrastructure in most nations is not well prepared to defend against such attacks. Many of the control systems for the infrastructure were “insecure by design” because of their age, the report said. Published […]

What’s the Endgame for Enterprise Data Security?


The highly publicised recent hack of the Hacking Team, the company that provides spyware and surveillance technology to governments and law enforcement agencies, has put the issue of malware detection into the spotlight. Widely criticised by privacy advocates for providing spyware to governments with poor human rights records, in July the Hacking Team itself became […]

Android AdDisplay using Anti-Bouncer Technique

Anti-Bouncer technique

One of the most common ways to spread Android malware, including malware found on the official Google Play Store, is by masquerading as a legitimate popular application. The last such example that we blogged about on WeLiveSecurity was a fake Dubsmash app and Android/TrojanDropper.Mapin compromising tens of thousands of users’ devices. In order to help […]

Securing Applications Running on 500+ Million Devices

Securing Applications Running on 500+ Million Devices

With more than two-thirds of cyber-attacks targeting applications, run-time application self-protection for mobile, IoT and desktop apps increasingly essential Arxan Technologies, the leading provider of application protection solutions, today announced that applications running on more than a half billion devices are being protected by Arxan’s security solutions. Arxan technology is protecting mobile, desktop, and embedded […]

Gamification – The Secret to Beating Phishing Scams?

The Secret to Beating Phishing Scams?

Phishing scams have been circulating for almost 20 years, yet they are still responsible for most breaches occurring today. Anthem, Target, JP Morgan, Sony Pictures – all can be traced back to an employee falling for a spear phishing message and unleashing malicious code into the enterprise. As the poorly worded, suspicious .exe files stopped […]