‘Whale’ Finance Attacks Target Businesses

'Whale' Finance Attacks Target Businesses

In response to the news that cyber-thieves are stealing millions of pounds using a scam based around faking email messages from company bosses where finance staff are asked to rush through a payment to a supplier, Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint have the following comments on it. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint : “Strategies […]

Canonical’s Ubuntu Phone Vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Phone Vulnerabilities

In light of the news of Canonical’s Ubuntu phone vulnerabilities Tod Beardsley, security engineering manager, at Rapid7 have the following comments on it. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Tod Beardsley, Security Engineering Manager, at Rapid7 : “The install base of Canonical’s Ubuntu phone is tiny compared to Android and iOS, so it is unsurprising that there are few, if any, […]

US Companies Don’t Adequately Protect User Data from Government Surveillance

Protect User Data from Government Surveillance

VMworld Europe Attendees Predict that the U.K. will Continue to Suffer More Data Breaches than any other European Country in 2016 Thycotic, a provider of smart and effective privileged account management solutions for global organizations, announced the results of a survey of over 100 VMworld Europe 2015 attendees conducted between October 5th and 15th in Barcelona, Spain. One of […]

Majority of UK Workers Failed Cyber IQ Test

Cyber IQ Test

New study shows UK workers are significantly lacking in cyber awareness and could be leaving themselves at risk A new study has revealed that the majority of UK workers are not Cyber Savvy and have failed a Cyber IQ test, which was compiled by experts at internet security firm ESET. Study participants were asked a […]

Responsibility for Cyber Security Stops and Starts at Board level

Responsibility for Cyber Security

Non-executive directors leaders should take heed from recent data breaches Boards must become fluent in the language of cyber security to improve the way their companies deal with threats, says APMG International. When it comes to cyber security, when does ignorance become negligence? The Companies Act 2006 states that directors have a legal responsibility to […]

Prices of Stolen Data on Dark Web

Prices of Stolen Data on Dark Web

Hidden Data Economy report exposes price points for stolen data bought and sold in cybercriminal marketplaces News highlights : Average estimated price for stolen credit and debit cards:  $5 to $30 in the United States; $20 to $35 in the United Kingdom; $20 to $40 in Canada; $21 to $40 in Australia; and $25 to […]

Government Rules out Making App-Makers Provide “Back Doors”

Making App-Makers Provide "Back Doors"

Baroness Shields, a former Facebook executive and technology advisor to the current government made some interesting comments about the rise of end-to-end encryption solutions, and confirming the government had ruled out making app-makers include “back doors” into their software. Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO of Criptyque makers of Pryvate, a government grade end-to-end encrypted communications solution. Jonathan […]

Customer Details Stolen by Hackers

Customer Details Stolen by Hackers

Telecoms provider Vodafone has reported that nearly 2,000 of its customers have had their details accessed. According to Vodafone, the incident happened between Wednesday and Thursday last week. Reportedly, 1,827 customers have had their accounts accessed, with criminals potentially accessing customers’ names, their mobile phone numbers, bank sort codes and the last four digits of […]