The problem isn’t End-to-End Encryption, Its Cheap Mobile Phones

The problem isn't End-to-End Encryption

There has been lots of discussion in the past two weeks, which is sure to continue; about the role that end-to-end encryption plays in criminal and terrorist activity around the world. One of the common misconceptions in these stories is that end-to-end encryption technology can effectively allow people to ‘go dark’ and communicate invisibly. In […]

Starwood POS Data Breach

Starwood POS Data Breach

HPE Security and Tripwire, respectively, have issued comments on news of a point-of-sale payment card data breach at Starwood Hotels involving at least 54 locations. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Lane Thames, Security Researcher at Tripwire : “In today’s interconnected world, there is no place to hide. If a company has any type of payment processing system, then […]

Children Believe Everything they Read Online

Children Believe Everything they Read Online

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, in light of the latest news which revealed that the number of children who believe everything they read online has significantly increased. Ofcom has released new research which has shown that the number of children who believe everything they read on web pages and in social media […]

Cyber Con-Artists Prey on Victims of Recent Hacks

Cyber Con-Artists Prey on Victims

A spate of scams in which criminals use technology to take over victims’ computers has been reported by an anti-fraud group. Financial Fraud Action, a body set up by the financial services industry, said that fraudsters were impersonating major companies to steal money. They claim they are fixing a slow internet connection, but trick firms […]

Most Advanced PoS Malware Ever

Advanced PoS Malware

The ModPOS malware has pilfered “multiple millions” of debit and credit cards from the unnamed but large retail companies incurring millions of dollars in damages. The attackers have operated in a low-key, ultra professional manner since late 2013 and has only come to light after weeks of painstaking reverse-engineering efforts by malware experts. They have […]

Cyber Threat Landscape for 2016 and Beyond

Cyber Threat Landscape for 2016

Intel Security Predictions Provide Two Valuable Sets of Insights for Organisations Developing Near-Term IT Security Plans and Long-Range Security Strategie Intel® Security released its McAfee Labs Threats Predictions Report, which predicts key developments on the cyber threat landscape in 2016, and provides unique insights into the expected nature of that landscape through 2020, as well […]

Host-based or Network-based Firewalls: Which Is the Right Option for Cloud Security?

If you’re moving applications to the cloud, then you need to protect them and the data they process. Firewalls are the cornerstone of these security controls – but public or private cloud deployments present organizations with two main options for deploying firewalls. The first option is to use host-based firewalling. This means not using any […]